Refund Policy

Our Refund Policy

We are not happy to keep you going! We appreciate and value your stay with us at Quran Expert and it was a very nice experience working with you.

If you are still not happy, You can request for a refund within 60 days of the date of payment made to us. And we will issue a full refund for Online Quran Tutoring service that we have offered you.

You should provide a valid reason for requesting this refund. Below are some valid reasons:

1 - The teacher is not online more then 5 business days in a month without any reason. (but if he is sick, we will provide alternate teacher until your teacher comes back).

2- Our internet / Services are down for 5 business days in a month and we are unable to fix them.

3- Our Electricity system is down for more then 5 business days in a month and we are unable to fix it.

4- no refund is issued for payments made more then 60 days before. You should ask for it within 60 days of payment date.

5- if you are not satisfied with the teacher, or the teaching method, you should contact us immediately and forward your complaint to the Manager on Skype. If you are not satisfied again, a refund will be issued for the days you have learned with us.