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Our online Quran classes are a seamless yet comprehensive solution for all Muslims to learn and understand the true words of Allah SWT.

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Know The Basics To Learn Quran

Learn Quran Reading Basics

You can learn Quran reading online with Quran Expert. We will teach you to understand the basics of reading by highly qualified and trained Quran tutors. The course we are offering will help you how to learn Quran properly without making mistakes. You will be able to read the Arabic letters, words, Quranic verses, and complete surah with proper pronunciation. You will also discover how Quranic letters are joined or separated from each other and how to read short or long sentences. It’s important to know that Arabic has diacritics, which inform you how to read Arabic words without memorizing their pronunciation.

Online Quran Classes For Kids

Online Quran Classes for Kids

Our online Quran classes for kids are also a great alternative for kids. It allows children to cultivate a lifetime love of the Quran by assisting them in properly understanding and appreciating its message. It might be difficult for many kids to read, memorize, and recite the Quran on their own, even if their mother tongue is Arabic, because the Quran contains old Arabic terms that have not changed in many years SubhanAllah, thus it is vital that they are properly directed in their studies.


Inclusive Online Quran Classes For Adults

Learn Quran Recitation with Tajweed

In One-to-one personalized online Quran classes, Muslim brothers and sisters read the Holy Quran with proper Tajweed. You or your children will learn all the rules of Tajweed and the articulation of Quranic words. In this course, you will be able to pronounce Quranic words with a practical application. You don’t have to be concerned if you don’t know the basics of the Arabic language or the Quran. Our trained Quran tutors will teach you & your children step by step from the foundations of Quran reading to perfect Tajweed reciting.
All-In-One Quran Memorization

Learn Quran Memorization

Quran Memorization Course provides online courses that allow people to learn how to recite the Quran in their own comfort zone, whilst sitting at home. The sessions are held in a live learning setting, with one-on-one interaction with your teacher, who will guide and review you as you advance through the course, one lesson at a time. These courses are designed to help you not only memorize the Quran on your own time but also grasp its meaning as you progress through its beautiful verses until you have perfected them all.

Learn Quran with Tafsir

Learn Tafsir Al Quran

Quran Expert offers great online Tafseer and Quran courses to help you understand the full meaning of Quran verses. You may improve your daily life by following its lead since this is the proper way to live.

Sole Gateway To Learn Quran Online

Learn Islam Online

The availability of this Islamic studies course allows students to study in the convenience of their own homes. Enrolling will teach you about the five pillars of Islam, dua, tafseer, hadith, and how to incorporate them all into a daily routine that is moderate in character and rooted in religion, among other things concerning the life of our Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him).

One-Stop Solution To Learn Arabic Language

Learn Arabic Language

Looking for online Quran classes for beginners? We are the sole platform that can assist you in learning the Arabic language and learn Quran. Quran Expert is available to guide and educate you as you work toward developing a thorough comprehension of the Arabic language, whether you are a complete novice or have some basic knowledge of the language. 

User-Centric Ways To Learn Quran at Quran Expert!

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Know More About Us

Quran Expert is the best online Quran academy, having experienced tutors, a flexible schedule, an affordable course fee structure, and an interactive online environment. We provide you with one of the most convenient online Quran classes in the USA and the UK.

We focus on tajweed structured around the proper pronunciation and allow you to learn the tajweed Quran online at home. You can select a choice of classes according to your schedule. We are spreading the essence of the Holy Quran teaching so that you can follow the right path. That’s why we are the first option of parents when it comes to giving Islamic education to kids.

We offer online Quran classes for everyone, conducted by our qualified male and female teachers who have graduated in Islamic studies. They have extensive training in online Quran teaching and are well versed in recitation regulations. Some of them have memorized the Holy Quran.

It is never too late to start learning the Holy Quran. You can begin learning it at any age of your life by taking online Quran classes for beginners. We also offer a variety of Quranic courses for children and adults, including Noorani Qaida, Quran Recitation, Arabic language, and Quran Memorization. Our online hifz classes course focuses on memorizing the Holy Quran in the shortest period possible while maintaining high correctness and precision.

Our best online Quran tutor improves your Arabic communication skills and helps students understand the Quran rather than just read it. They build a strong love for Islam and the Quran in their hearts. You may access the course from any device with an internet connection. For voice communication and screen sharing, we use the most up-to-date technologies. So that teachers and students can converse while viewing the same lesson on their computer displays.

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The Quran Classes Institute: A Life-Changing Online Quran Learning Experience
Georgia, Atlanta (US)
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Allhumdulillah, it's been 4 month my kids are learning Quran with quranexpert.com. Ma sha Allah teachers are very professional, I have no issues with them, if there is any problem they will sort straight away, Allhumdulillah kids are happy with the teachers, and enjoy reading with them, they are doing great job ma sha Allah, may Allah protect them and bless them ameen.
Hanah Ali
Hanah Ali
New York
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All my 3 children are learning quran from quranexpert.com. Teachers are very interactive and make it fun learning. My children look forward to there lessons and have progressed very well. They also teach them about Islam, saleh and surahs. Would highly recommend this company.
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This online Quran teaching school is excellent. The teachers and administration are very efficient and punctual with a quick response time. Our teacher sister Salma is very encouraging and our daughter feels happy to learn from her. Highly recommended.
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This online quran academy is brilliant, the teachers are very patient and both of my children are happy with their lessons. The management team also do a brilliant job of keeping me updated of any changes in advance and always checking that we are happy with the service. I will highly recommend them to anyone.
Zeesha Bhatti
Zeesha Bhatti
Los Angeles
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If you are looking for the academy where your kids can learn Quran and Aqeeda as well, contact Quranexpert.com they are very professional, teachers are kind and certified. May ALLAH bless them.