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About The Quran Expert

Quran Expert is the best online Quran academy, having experienced tutors, a flexible schedule, an affordable course fee structure, and an interactive online environment. We provide you with one of the most convenient online Quran classes in the USA and the UK.
We focus on tajweed structured around the proper pronunciation and allow you to learn the tajweed Quran online at home. You can select a choice of classes according to your schedule. We are spreading the essence of the Holy Quran teaching so that you can follow the right path. That’s why we are the first option of parents when it comes to giving Islamic education to kids.
We offer online Quran classes for everyone, conducted by our qualified male and female teachers who have graduated in Islamic studies. They have extensive training in online Quran teaching and are well versed in recitation regulations. Some of them have memorized the Holy Quran.
It is never too late to start learning the Holy Quran. You can begin learning it at any age of your life by taking online Quran classes for beginners. We also offer a variety of Quranic courses for children and adults, including Noorani Qaida, Quran Recitation, Arabic language, and Quran Memorization. Our online hifz classes course focuses on memorizing the Holy Quran in the shortest period possible while maintaining high correctness and precision.
Our best online Quran tutor improves your Arabic communication skills and helps students understand the Quran rather than just read it. They build a strong love for Islam and the Quran in their hearts. You may access the course from any device with an internet connection. For voice communication and screen sharing, we use the most up-to-date technologies. So that teachers and students can converse while viewing the same lesson on their computer displays.


Flexible Timing Schedule

Our classes & teachers are available 24/7 and you can choose times suit you.

Free Trial Classes

We offer 2 free trial classes for all courses to evaluate our tutors and courses.

Female Tutors Available

We have professional and experienced female tutors to teach you or your kids.

1-on-1 Online Classes

We provide one-on-one Online learning classes to learn more comfortably.



Sheikh Ahmed studied at Karachi university, the faculty of usool e din. Sheikh Ahmed has great experience in teaching Qur’an for all ages children and adults, He has ijazah in different styles of Qiraat; Also, sheik Ahmed taught dozen of students from scratch to be able to read Qur’an perfectly, AlhamdAllah.


Ustadha Noura is one of our experienced teachers. She holds a Bachelor of Arts in the Islamic Studies Department. She started the Quran in school from a young age and memorized the complete Qur’an with Rules. . She holds an ijaza in Warsh recitation. She has about 5 years of experience in teaching.


Ustadha Misbahis our Best Quran tutor. She studies Sharia at the Faculty of Islamic and Arabic Studies. She memorized the Quran at 13 and received Ijazah at Asem. She learned Arabic to assist non-Arabic speakers to read the Quran. She has taught the Quran for 5 years. She taught tajweed to Arabic and non-Arabic speakers.