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About The Quran Expert

Quran Expert is a leading virtual Online Quran Academy, which is offering a spiritual experience to all Muslim kids around the globe by providing different courses namely Quran Reading course, Quran for kids, Quran Recitation with Tajweed, Quran Memorization, Quran Tafseer, Islamic Studies and Arabic Language. Our courses are flexible and designed in a way that can fit easily for any age kid or adult.

The online environment we developed to teach Arabic and Quran has been in place for many years. Our aim is to provide all of our students from around the world the opportunity to practice regular Arabic language in such convenient way that fits into their busy schedules, thereby allowing them to better understand and master the language. These online Quran Classes for kids are conducted by our highly qualified, certified, experienced, skilled and dedicated experts of our Tutor’s Panel. Our Online Quran classes have left a huge impact on our students because of the smooth, timely and efficient lesson delivery which ultimately results in astounding performance and growth of the kids.

Our goal is to make the learning as simple and facilitating as possible to make us the primary preference of the people when it comes to learn and understand about Islam and Quran.


Flexible Timing Schedule

Our classes & teachers are available 24/7 and you can choose times suit you.

Free Trial Classes

We offer 2 free trial classes for all courses to evaluate our tutors and courses.

Female Tutors Available

We have professional and experienced female tutors to teach you or your kids.

1-on-1 Online Classes

We provide one-on-one Online learning classes to learn more comfortably.



Sheikh Ahmed studied at Karachi university, the faculty of usool e din. Sheikh Ahmed has great experience in teaching Qur’an for all ages children and adults, He has ijazah in different styles of Qiraat; Also, sheik Ahmed taught dozen of students from scratch to be able to read Qur’an perfectly, AlhamdAllah.


Ustadha Noura is one of our experienced teachers. She holds a Bachelor of Arts in the Islamic Studies Department. She started the Quran in school from a young age and memorized the complete Qur’an with Rules. . She holds an ijaza in Warsh recitation. She has about 5 years of experience in teaching.


Ustadha Misbahis our Best Quran tutor. She studies Sharia at the Faculty of Islamic and Arabic Studies. She memorized the Quran at 13 and received Ijazah at Asem. She learned Arabic to assist non-Arabic speakers to read the Quran. She has taught the Quran for 5 years. She taught tajweed to Arabic and non-Arabic speakers.