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Career – Online Quran Teaching Jobs


Explore exciting career opportunities in online Quran teaching with Quran Expert. We are actively seeking dedicated male and female teachers from Arab countries, Pakistan, Egypt, and Jordan to join our team. Our stringent criteria ensure that our teachers are not only Quran memorizers but also proficient in Tajweed, fluent in English, equipped with a reliable internet connection, and possess a conducive teaching environment at home. If you are passionate about imparting Quranic knowledge and meet these requirements, we invite you to be a part of our dynamic and rewarding teaching community.

Career Opportunities :

For Teachers from Arab Countries and Pakistan:
  • Possess a mastery of the Holy Quran (with or without Sanad) or demonstrate exceptional recitation skills with a thorough knowledge of Tajweed.
  • Fluent in English to facilitate effective teaching.
  • Proficient in Tajweed rules and capable of delivering lessons in English.
  • Own a laptop, and headphones, and maintain a reliable internet connection.
  • Showcase a strong profile, and teaching experience, and provide a valid National Identity Proof.
  • Successfully passed the Quran Expert comprehensive hiring test. Join us on this unique journey!

For Teachers from Pakistan (Additional Conditions): 


  • Male teachers are required to visit our office for an interview.

For Teachers from Egypt and Jordan: 

  • Female teachers from Pakistan and certain Arab countries (Egypt, Jordan, Saudi Arabia) can teach from home.
  • A quiet home environment is needed for smooth classes without communication issues. Join us for a comfortable teaching experience.


  • Unlock career growth in online Quran teaching with a legacy since 2011.
  • Enjoy competitive and enticing salary packages tailored for all our dedicated teachers.
Eager to shape your career as a Quran teacher? Complete our website’s Contact Us form, stating your application’s purpose. Be part of the rewarding mission to share the wisdom of the Holy Quran with us. .