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Learn the Crucial Aspects of Internal Family System in Islam

Learn the Crucial Aspects of Internal Family System in Islam

The internal family system in Islam works on the credibility of a person, if we follow the rules and regulations which are known as-Sunnah of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) we can make a good environment for our future generations.

Why Family is Given the Importance Ranks in Islam?

Reproduction and children’s responsibility are interconnected in Islam through an institution called FAMILY. Family is considered the first school for children where they are not only nurtured but also taught the basic morals and etiquette so that the children learn to appreciate their religion, understand it and act according to the saying of Allah (SWT).

All this requires strong bonding between the children and their parents. We can expect a stable society and a stable civilization only from a stable family.

Islam commands its believers not only to take care of the physical upbringing and material things for their children and wives but also their educational, moral, and spiritual development.

THE QURAN SAYS:                                             

“O believers! Protectyourselves and your families from a Fire whose fuel is people and stones, overseen by formidable and severe angels, who never disobey whatever Allah orders—always doing as commanded.”

(Surah At-Tahrim 66:6)

This can only happen when we live according to the teachings of Islam and build an internal family system of Islam in our families.

Know the Internal Family System Therapy:

Family therapies or we can say family time is very important for everyone. Whether it’s at the dining table while having dinner or lunch we must talk to each other and communicate in such a way that the other person felt heard. It helps build strong communication among the family members so that nobody will leave with the thoughts of being sad or unheard. Strong communication builds strong bonding among the family. Also, if we talk to each other daily, we don’t need to go to physiatrists for any of our problems throughout our lives. Family system therapy helps us reduce anxiety and depression which we built on a daily bases.

Understand the Basics of Family System Theory:

Family system theory is an understanding of a family becoming one unit. An interconnected family is the best example of it. A child who belongs to such a family will never be a part of any crime and will always stay focused on what he or she wants in their lives and do they want to become at a certain age. A strong internal family system is the key to building a happy and healthy environment for the next generation.

Types of Family Systems:

Following are the types of family system in Islam:

  • Conjugal & Nuclear Family.
  • Joint Family System.
  • Single Parent Family.
  • Reconstituted Family.
  • Childless Family.

– Nuclear Family:

This is called the ideal family system back in the day. Mother and a father living with their only child, whether it is a girl or a boy.

– Joint Family System:

This system is the absolute opposite of the nuclear family system. Here we have all the family members living under one roof with no privacy and a lot of interference. Some people like being in such an environment because it builds strong communication skills in themselves and prepares them to face the world more open-mindedly than the ones living separately.

– Single Parent Family:

This family consists of one parent, whether a mother living with one child or more or a father living with their children. The significant other must be dead or separated or maybe living in another country without a separation from the spouse. Children are the responsibility of both parents. If we strongly build an internal family system in Islam in our home, we must not face such difficulties because Islam teaches us to be patient with each other and make compromises for our children’s sake.

Reconstituted Family:

A reconstituted family is considered on the spouses that one’s got separated. Remarrying them according to Islam is called the reconciliation among the spouses.

– Childless Family:

Childless families are far more different than the other four families. The nuclear family, joint family, single-parent family, and reconstituted families all had to include children to see the purpose of their lives. But a childless family consists of two people a husband and a wife living without a child. They don’t have to have a child or maybe because of some medical issues they don’t have a child, they are independent to take the step for themselves.

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Quran always teaches us to be fair and act according to the Sunnah of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). He (PBUH) always treats his people equally whether the person is Muslim or not, he listens to them and solves their problems, and invites them to Islam. Many of the non-believers started believing in Islam and become Muslims just because of the good behavior of the Prophet (PBUH) towards them.

Rank of Family System in Islam:

– Don’t break off the ties of kinship:

The importance of family system lies in teaching on Islam. The teaching of Islam is considered on spreading peace because Islam is the religion of peace. Allah (SWT) always say in Quran to maintain good relationship among the families, whether it be internal family or extended family, there must be a good environment where everybody sees each other, meet or talk. Bad behaviors destroy the relationships and are also against the will of Allah (SWT) and against the teaching of Islam. It is stated in the Quran a lot of time that even if a person or relative close to you does not want to be friends with you, you do not misbehave with them and keep your behavior good towards that person so that he or she will realize their mistake and will definitely ask for forgiveness.

The beauty of Islam is considered in the way you treat people, Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) always treats his people with kindness and always tells people to stay loyal and honest with themselves and others.


Islamic culture is not just a culture where people are following the Islamic Rules, it is also a culture where people are living a harmonious and peaceful life. Islamic culture is a perfect blend of religion and culture. Religion is a way of life and is not just a set of rules to follow. This topic is often overlooked when it comes to self-analysis and it is an important aspect of our personality. We hope you enjoyed reading this blog about the important aspects of the internal family system in Islam and got the wisdom you required.

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